Cress Creek Moms & Tots

The Cress Creek Moms & Tots (CCM&Ts) group for Naperville, Illinois was established over 30 years ago. This neighborhood group was formed for mothers and children who live in Cress Creek and its vicinity.

We have approximately 60 families who participate each year. During the school year, CCM&Ts provides opportunities for children to learn about nature, science, safety, and service. In addition, the organization also provides a social platform for mothers and their children to gather for friendship and camaraderie.

We have several children and adult events planned throughout the year including: an outdoor movie night, a flashlight hike, Santa visits, family picnics, and play groups. For the adults, we have a hospitality night, Oktoberfest, and other social gatherings.

We welcome you to the neighborhood and look forward to meeting you!

To find out more information and to become a member, please email: 
[email protected]